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In September 2014 we expect you at the Scandinavian TCM Congress:

Marian Nielsen Joos with:
Lillian Pearl Bridges
Peter Firebrace
Hans-Erik Foldberg
Christine Li
Yair Maimon
Hans Dieter Platsch
Suzanne Robidoux
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Chinese Medicine and Spirituality: Cultivation of the Practicioner, the Healer and the Alchemist

Marian Nielsen Joos- Deidre Courtney, Lillian Pearl Bridges, Peter Firebrace, Christine Li, Hans Erik Foldberg

Marian Nielsen Joos- Deidre Courtney, Lillian Pearl Bridges, Peter Firebrace, Christine Li, Hans Erik Foldberg


Rebirth through Fire and Water

Extraction and Soul Retrieval in Chinese Medicine-

In the medicine of the soul we re-think phenomena well known in Chinese medicine from the perspective of the soul.

Great Cold is another name for evil Qi, or „Great Evil“ (da hai) as the earlier books on Chinese Medicine used to call it.
In Feng Shui they still talk about „sha qi“ and old people in China call it „bad earth qi“.
Bad earth qi is the qi that prevails in some houses were people die or never feel quite well. It brings bad luck and makes plants grow slower than in other places even though the weather may be the same.

What is Evil Qi?

Evil Qi is Qi that runs counter to the way of nature. It is a Yin force. It comes from bad water and bad earth. You may visualize it as a demon if you are so inclined.
But if this way of looking at things is too foreign to your usual way of thinking, for now, just think: insult, trauma, curse, abuse, envy, betrayal or abandonment.

The Chinese say, that hearing impure things damages the Essence.
This is very true. Sometimes, you do not even need to hear them.

Most of these aggressors attack furtively, in the middle of the night, from far away or cunningly disguised as some innocent remark.
This is to say: These evils attack from behind and from below.

You may not hear the hurtful words. All you feel are wobbly feet, cramps in the calves, weak knees or a stabbing pain at the lower back or just shiver and goosebumps all over the backside.

Chinese Medicine calls this area of attack, the bladder, and sometimes the small intestine meridians: “Taiyang- Cold Water”. A classical book, the shanghan lun describes, how the qi works its way to the inside from there.

Very evil qi may directly enter your core, the kidneys or heart, in which case you may feel a piercing pain in your heart or a ringing in your ears or you may not feel anything at all and just break down completely. This is how you realize, that your essence has been damaged.


Who gets attacked?

Not every attack is successfull. Just as not everybody catches the flu. Not all curses reach their victim.
Great old doctors of Chinese medicine insist that evil influences from outside only attack those who are not strong enough on the inside.
The protective Qi might be weak, there might not be enough warmth inside as in people that are starved or exhausted.
What is true for cold applies to all kinds of evil.
Evil forces do not attack good people they say.  Evil entities only attach themselves to those who harbour evil thoughts. Bad words insult only those who think badly about themselves.
But who can be strong all the time? Everybody has their moments of neediness or weakness.
Some people are easier scared than others or hurt easier than others. Everybody is vulnerable at some time.
A particularly vulnerable phase of life is infancy.
Women after childbirth are very vulnerable too and, to a lesser degree, menstruating women.
People who have recently been separated from a loved one or from their job tend to be vulnerable.
Tired people.
Stressed people.
Lonely people.
People separated from their cultural roots.
People with low self esteem.
People on drugs.
People after sex, unfortunately.

Think about moments of your life, when you felt shaky, raw, like your skin had been pulled of. These are moments when you need to think about special protection, stay inside, eat chocolate or smudge yourself with white sage.

So what happens after an attack of evil qi?

The attack forces our soul into hiding, the soul gets lost and may not come back and so we get confused and anxious at first and eventually we become quite still.
Soul-loss is not sadness- sadness can be quite healing and is not bad at all.
But the loss of soul is a little bit like dying.
The stronger the soul-loss, the less we feel.
This is why after a severe trauma, instead of confusion, we may not feel anything at all


The evil remains inside and it causes a lot of chaos.

Evil can be quite sneaky. We may not react at all or our reaction may be delayed, for days, weeks, even years. We may never even realize we have been attacked at all.
Our body may hurt, but more likely it feels numb or estranged, like it does not belong to us.
We may not want to talk.
We hide from other people, pull a blanket over our head and seldom leave the house.
We suffer from all kinds of anxieties and phobias.
We feel panicky or disorientated most of the time.
We may be extremely sensitive to sounds.
We may be wearing a fake smile or use drugs to cover up that on the inside we have long been falling apart.
There may be heart disease or high blood pressure  or a loss of hearing  or a total breakdown of the libido.
We may see depression or trauma or love sickness or madness, a change of personality or weird behaviour.

The medicine of the soul looks at trauma, curse, abuse, betrayal or abandonment from a spiritual point of view.
At the Rothenburg Congress of TCM 2014 and at the Scandinavian Congress of TCM 2014 I will give some introductions into this kind of medicine.


What do we do in cases of insult, trauma, curse, abuse, envy, betrayal or abandonment?

First of all we need to understand what is happening. This is the difficult part.

Then, in some cases we will be able to let the evil out from behind. Moxa and cupping are great resources.
More often than not we will not be able to reach the disease from the Taiyang. In the case of soul-loss we will have to work from the inside out. The inside of “Taiyang-Cold Water” is “Shaoyin- Imperial fire”-the Heart and Kidney meridians.

These two meridians of fire and water can work magic in the treatment of depression, trauma, soul-loss and a cold heart.

They can:

  • Stir the kidney fire and send it up to the heart again.
  • De-block and open the heart when it is shut down by coldness and evil (spirit- possession).
  • Send the soul back to earlier times or incarnations and bring it back from there again.

Whether you are new to acupuncture or an „old hand“ at the needle:
The medicine of the soul is a way to look at things you already know quite well from a completely new angle.

The Magic of Healing, the Soul and the Qi in Chinese Medicine


Talks and Workshops by Christine Li in 2014:

I do not know about you.
But as a little girl I always wanted to be a witch: A wonderfully magical woman who could fly into wonderfully magical places and generally make all dreams come true. Of course healing diseases would have been a tiny part of this.
Some years later I had been made to understand  that  this dream could never come true.

As I understood by then, even the tiny part about healing diseases was something way out of my league. Healing was for people, who had their third eye wide open, who could see auras and read palms and emit magical rays from their hands. People who were born into a long legacy of healers, raised by shamans, educated by Tibetan monks or, at least, lived in California where everybody seems to be channeling extraterrestrial beings with funny names on a daily basis.

I was none of these people.

But funnily enough I could never quite let go. Somewhere deep inside of me the dream stayed alive and over the years I learned that childhood dreams can be more powerful than I had been made to believe.

Have you ever seen somebody getting well again right in front of your eyes?
Of course you have.
It happens in the blink of an eye.
A child falling on their knees, crying miserably and two seconds later laughing again because somebody shoved an ice cream cone into their tiny hands.
A panicky lady finding her lost purse.
Somebody receiving a phone call by somebody they thought they would never hear of again.

It is the same with healing. You do not need any special gift for healing. You know it is possible. You put your intention on it. And then you let go (which is what they call wu wei).

Healing happens, whenever we get our lost soulparts back or learn some other lesson, that needs to be learned. The soul will do this without further ado once it is ready.

It is that easy and sometimes it may even happen in the blink of an eye and all you need is an acupuncture needle or two. Or a piece of moxa. Or maybe just your intention and nothing else.

We heal. And than we move onto the next level and start all over. Healing never stops.

This being said and understood, in 2014 I  will give some talks about the magic of healing. Healing as something that is always possible and readily accessible even for those of us who are, like myself, not particularly gifted but particularly obsessed with helping people and, therefore, the power of love.

What to expect:

Being an empress isn’t easy – but it’s enormously exciting!

  • introducing „the path of the empress“ by Christine Li and Ulja Krautwald:

to the Imperial Reader

Every woman can be an empress if she is prepared to take control of her own life. At the moment of her birth, every woman is unique and complete. Everything she needs lies within her, as in the seed of a plant.

If she succeeds in developing her hidden potential and living it out, she will become empress in her own empire, no matter how large or small that empire may be. Once she has freed herself from conventional views of how a woman should be, then pleasure and power, beauty and wisdom lie in her hands alone.

wasabi- by niki de saint phalle

It is up to each individual woman to choose the imperial path for herself.
But beware: the life of an empress isn’t easy. Instead of basing her life on predetermined models, an empress is independent and free. There are no conventions and well-worn paths for her to cling to. Each stage of her life presents problems and questions to which she must find her own solutions and answers. She follows her own visions, instincts and dreams, and thus realises her inner goals.

She must roll out the red carpet for herself.