When Souls get lost, nothing goes right

the last of three Soulful Videos to help Love, Delight, Healing find their way right back into your life – using the Art of Acupuncture







This video is part of series of three.

Love to watch them all? Be my guest.





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Get your Soul back with Acupuncture


So you think you have all your wandering souls together? Think twice.

You might very well be all over the place (= universe).
Lonelyness, burnout, compassion fatigue, over eating, over working, under sleeping, general boredom, or that nagging voice inside your head that insists that something is off – all these nasty entities may be signs that you are missing a couple of those lovely dreamers: The wandering souls or Hun as we call them in Chinese Medicine.
Get your souls back and the nastyness will leave.
I promise.

Here is a new short video light your way home – soul retrieval with acupuncture, to help you with that. In this videos I explain the general concept of Soul loss and how it relates to Chinese medicine.

There will be two more videos with practical instructions to inspire you to use our wonderful ancient tradition of acupuncture in a soulful and soul retrieving way.

The second video is online, too: Floating back home – Soul retrieval with acupuncture, part 2

soul retrieval with acupuncture

floating back home



The  last video „Flying back home – Soul retrieval with acupuncture, part 3“ is also ready to go online, but ….
… the power around my village is down today and I am sitting in a little cafe to write this post. The universe’s way of telling me to slow down. An information I am always open to.

After watching the three little clips you will know how to call your wandering Hun souls back and, if you apply that wisdom, you will find new delight in everything that is.
I promise.

(No commercials. No money back guarantee. This is public domain and always has been.)

Why do I put out free stuff? Gratitude. That’s why.

The idea to produce these videos came up when we did the interview for the Chinese Medicine online summit on spirituality, shamanism and self cultivation in Chinese medicine. My friend Marian who created this amazing event has a way of probing so deep with her questions that everybody comes up with so much more than they even knew they had inside of them.
We all have.
All we need is the right inspiration. A good friend maybe. Some sunshine. Or the right piece of music.

After our two hour interview I immediately went back to writing my book (which is nearly finished now) and producing these videos and building my new website. All in a handful of days. Me! The queen of lazyness.
As a thank you to Marian I also created a little hypnotape to guide you through the whole process of soul retrieval with acupuncture. If you don’t want to do this all by yourself  – (being alone sucks at times) – now you don’t have to!
You get the tape if you sign up for the Chinese Medicine online summit.
For free. Of course.
Did I mention that the summit was for free, too?
But only this weekend while it’s live.
So hurry. For once.

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Christine Li 2017

A Quest for Healing Knowledge

Christine Li MD has always been on a quest to find the secrets of healing and happiness. She studied sinology, anthropology and medicine and also spend five years studying Chinese medicine in Shanghai and Peking. Christine has written several books on Chinese medicine and self-healing, including the bestselling „The Path of The Empress“, a classic on feminine wisdom and power and how to access it through the female body.

Christine has worked for over 20 years in her own practice of Chinese Medicine in Hamburg and through these years she has done a lot of soul work and soul searching. She travelled the world and worked with all kinds of healers, curanderos, Babalawos and shamans. She also spent many nights on windy mountains and in dark forests.

as a family doctor in Tibet

Christine Li as a family doctor in Tibet










Return of the Cunning Woman

In the end she has come full circle. Back to the ways of our own ancestors. Through their eyes she has found a new take on ancient Chinese knowledge. The original techniques and history of our  „Cunning Women“ and the shamans of ancient Europe may be lost. But Chinese medicine is alive. Through the ages Chinese herbal medicine has become ever more sophisticated but Acupuncture is still well rooted in our universal shamanic origins. And acupuncture is an incredibly intricate tool to navigate the „otherworld“ inside our own body. Therefore we may use it to eventually bring our own medical origins back to life. Wouldn’t that be great?
There is only one source and this is where we find healing.

two cunning women

two cunning women







2017: Healer and Writer

Over the last couple of years Christine has been thinking about a textbook on healing and how to do soul retrievals, extractions, how to connect with our ancestors and how to heal trauma and epigenetic trauma using ancient Chinese knowledge.

(BTW: A drumming tape and other core-shamanic gadgets will not be enough to bring your soul back. And neither will the law of attraction do the job. Daydreaming is not shamanic work.)

In November 2016 she closed her practice in Hamburg to become a fulltime writer. This not not quite work out, because her patients have a way of finding her and then there is the gardening …





See you in the sun!




Christine Li talks about all of this with her friend Marian Nielsen Joos at the International online Summit on Chinese Medicine 2017.

Come join us.

If you are on time it’s free.

Acupuncture: a Shaman’s Way

Chinese medicine from a shamanka’s point of view.

Many years ago I studied  Chinese Medicine in China. I lived there for nearly five years, I accumulated about two thousand Chinese books. But I always had the feeling that something was missing.
(It is not- we just have to look deeper)
So I studied with shamans all over the world. Healing matters deeply to me.

I learned about spirit. I learned how spirit is lost and how it is called back.
I learned about intrusions and the spirit of the death that come to haunt us.
I learned about Power Loss.

Most importantly I learned that Shamanic ideas are not alien to Chinese Medicine. They are its very root.

The Wu Shamans of ancient China

In ancient China women who danced to bring the spirits back were calledwu, which can be translated as shamans.

African Yin Yang

African Yin Yang









the Dao De Jing: an ancient classic about the way and the power

Laozi, the mysterious creator of the Dao De Jing, was a great shaman.
He (she?) wrote a book called: Book about the way and the power.
The Dao De Jing (also written „Tao Te King“). A book most people think to know.

You may want to read this wonderful book again. And again.

The ancient shamanic classic Dao De Jing and a handful or two of acupuncture points are the essentials you need to be a wonderful healer.

This is very little, if you compare this to any other medical system.

Of course it is fun, to know more stuff.
Many people might add the Book of Changes, the Yi Jing ( I Ging ) to their list of books.

I enjoy all kinds of manual techniques or point combinations by famous doctors or herbal medicine and I think so do you.
But the more I accept that healing is the natural way to go, the less I rely on overly complicated interventions.

We do not need to worry out about not knowing enough.
We do know. Knowledge lies deep within.

It is narcissistic thinking that we must be incredibly great to heal people.
We hand over the power to be who we are to other people.
Like this we put incredible pressure on our clients: If they get well, we feel really good and accomplished. If they do not get well or even die, we feel like terrible failures.
Have you ever had a client who told you she felt better, just to make you feel better?
They should not have to do this.

They are on a quest to encounter their own inner healer and we can chose to help them.
We do this by connecting to them.
The ancient Chinese Shaman Laozi says:
„Two give birth to Three. Three give birth to tenthousand things.“
Three is the magic connection.
Whenever the Magic Three is born, we will feel in your guts what this person needs. Or they will feel it. Something will come up and it will be healing.

Healing does not necessarily mean we will not have to die.
This may be hard to swallow, because we tend to think of medicine as the great warrior against death.
This is another instance of narcissistic thinking and again it does not serve us well.

Fear of Death is a Damaging Belief. We are Immortal anyway.

If we loosen up around death- healing will be much easier.
In Shamanism the world of death is just another place to be.

Damaging Beliefs

Let us talk about damaging beliefs.
Some popular damaging beliefs are: I am ugly, I am stupid, I am unworthy.
Cognitive therapies and hypnotherapy try to get rid of these beliefs by understanding them and finding something more useful.
We may write on our mirror or on little cards: I am beautiful. I am smart. I am worthy.

This may be less painful. But it does not work as well as most people hope.

You see: whether we claim to be good or bad it is probably not the truth. It is alien to who we are and therefore not very powerful.

The truth is: when are born we are neither good nor bad. We are just as we are. Just like a tree.

Then our parents, our teachers, our friends really get going and chop us into something useful.
A chair. A table. A wooden bowl. While all we wanted to was grow and be alive.

In Humans we do not use Axes to chop down our Inner Truth. We use Words.

The great shaman Laozi was not so keen on words and names:
The Dao that is named is not the real Dao, he said.
He also had a dim view our notion of usefulness.
The thing he liked the least was morals.

To think we are bad is obviously damaging.
To think we are good is not much better.
Good is not what we want to be: We want to be real.

Laozi  said that moral categories were the beginning of all evil.

Just ask your local crack dealer who pushes poison to small children whether he considers himself a good person. He will have very elaborate explanations why it is ok what he is doing and why, of course, he really is a good person.

Beliefs are food for the mind chatter that prevents us from listening to our inner song. The deep knowing who we really are.
Our essence.

Thunder and Lightning: Two Shaman Gods and also two well known Acupuncure Points

While we are at it, I want to point out, that we have methods in acupuncture to get rid of sticky thought forms- be they whiny and self pitying or resentful and self-righteous or outright grandiose.
Try a point on the back, right between the middle and the heart. It goes by the name of yixi- cry of pain- bladder 45.
Here, just over the diaphragm, is the lower region of our sky, the lung, where the darker and heavier clouds collect.
With the acupuncutre point „yixi“ sticky thought forms will pour out of the client. After half an hour of accusations, misery, self pity and tears, we can clear up the sky with two other points: Lu 7 and St 40, Lieque and Fenglong- which incidentally are the personal  names of two old shaman gods of China: Thunder and Lightning.

Put your intention on clearing away cloudy thought forms and the two gods will be at your command.

„You can’t go back
and you can’t stand still
If the thunder don’t get you
then the lightning will.“
(The Grateful Death)

Thought discipline

After thunder and lightning have swept away the mind chatter, we have to apply thought discipline to keep it that way.
There is a mantra that seems to be working especially fine: I just tell myself to shut up whenever my mind goes into self bashing mode or self inflating mode.

Shutting up is good medicine

The mantra „shut up!“ came to me on a vision quest I did once on a very beautiful spot near an old Apache graveyard near the Mexican border. There were wolves. There were hot springs. There was snow.
As the place was so beautiful and so holy I prepared myself for great instructions.
I did my little ceremony and sat in the snow and started pouring my heart out.
I really got going.
So many things I needed to learn and do. So much misery I was making up for myself.
I was a complete nuisance to all the other beings on that beautiful spot.

All of a sudden someone said in a very clear voice: “Shut up. If you go on talking you will not hear what is being said.”
It was a peck of grass.
To shut up is very serious advice given to me by the spirit world and I thought I’d pass it on.

Now that we have talked about damaging beliefs, which are not cool, and about how to get rid of them, by shutting up,  we are done with this talk.
Hold your horses.
I am just warming up.

We are immensely priviledged to be students of a medical system that does not draw a line between body and spirit.
A system that is non dual to the very core.
A system that furthermore teaches us a very simple technology to work with spirit.

Acupuncture: A Technology of the Spirit

However we have managed to reduce it to a system to treat symptoms and diseases.
Acupuncture can do that- it can do anything we want it to do, because the needles are a language that speaks to the body and if we talk disease- so will the needles.
We have been brought up to think diseases are real.
We have been brought up to think that they are entities that somehow come over us.
Later generations who will have understood will shake their heads at so much superstition.
Our notion of disease is yet another damaging belief.

Disease is the Soul’s way of healing

Some time ago I was meditating and it was one of those rare moments my mind really got out of the way. I sat there for a couple of hours, feeling calm and blissful.
Suddenly from deep inside a thought popped into my mind: Disease is the soul’s way of healing.
Next thing I felt the strong urge to jump up on my feetwhich were numbed after sitting so long. With a terrible sound my ankle cracked and I fell down on the ground. There I lay trying not to be sick from the piercing pain that shot through my leg.
Why had I jumped up like that? What had made me do so?

After a while my daughter came in and found me lying on the floor.
“I fell down”, I told her. “But never mind. I do not know how, but something just got healed.”

“Oh mommy”, she said and looked at my foot that by that time had swollen into a huge formless lump. “Only you can say something like that.”

My daughter knows me well. I can be bit weird at times.

Over the next days I held the thought  “Disease is the soul’s way of healing.”
I did some acupuncture to help the swelling go down and did some exercises to find out what was happening.
Very soon I realized that while the lump slowly turned into a foot again some other changes took place. I will not bore you with the details, but among others my iliosacral joint and hip which had been really painful for a long time opened up. The vertebrae in the neck fell into place. Headache and an occasional tinnitus dissolved. I got a bit taller. Most importantly for an ardent dancer like myself I found a completely new balance.

It was complex healing- far more complex than everything I ever learned in osteopathy.
I would never have been able to do anything like that consciously.
But something deep inside knew everything it needed to do.
It was not the first time it had done so or tried to do so.
But it was the first time I was really able to go with it instead of fighting the symptoms.

It is not always easy to appreciate the self healing process.
It can be painful and inconvenient like a swollen ankle.
It can be much worse than that.

We all have known people who started a new life after some terrible disease. I have a friend who lived through terminal cancer and found herself a new person at the end of that trial.

Healing can be deep and painful.

The force behind healing has no mercy. It is a natural force and if we try to fight it, it may very well kill us.
It is a force that comes from our roots.
The only real disease there is, is when we are not connected to this force.
A tree that is not rooted well, will be eaten by worms and thrown down by the storm.
This is the way of the forest to heal itself.
This is how life works.

The „Three Treasures“ of Ancient Chinese Doctors

The ancient Chinese doctors talked of „Three Treasures“: Shen,Qi and Jing. Let us meet these forces.

Shen- the Intouchable

In beginners classes of Chinese Medicine we talk a lot about Spirit- Shen.
Shen is expansion. It is yang and it connects us to the sky.
When the going down here gets rough parts of it can fly far, far away and not find its way home.

We call that soul loss. It happens when we are traumatized. Soul loss reduces our being.
Live loses its light and we feel lonely and sad.
Soul loss can be treated relatively easily with acupuncture.

Qi– the World of Matter

Spirit is pure yang, immaterial. When it dives down into yin again, it translates into qi.
Qi is the body we work with. Our feelings and our thoughts.
Most of the time our attention lies here. In the middle world.
We are used to get a grasp on things by giving them a name. Our specific cultural formation, our language, lets us only see the things we have words for.
We are resistant to things we have no names for.

Jing- The Essence- our inborn Power

When Qi dives down even deeper into Yin it condenses into essence- Jing.
The Chinese say it cristallizes. They teach that this crystallization needs lots of stillness and time. Like during the ten lunar months we spend in the womb before birth.
This cristall is the Jing. Our core.
As cristalls do- the Jing resonantes with its own frequency, our personal song.
If we want to know who we are, we need to listen to that song.
Most of the time we do not. Instead we listen to the chatter of our mind.

We do not hear so much about Essence in Chinese medicine.
All we learn is that we need to guard it- preferably with much sleep and little sex. Not much more we can do about it.
We also learn that it is something like gasoline. Once it is used up we die.

You can easily see that we translate our everyday illusion of scarcity into what we think is spiritual thinking.

Instead of thinking of Essence as some kind of spiritual gasoline, we can also think of it as our connection to the spirit world. The place were we are purely ourselves and at the same time connected to everything.
Think of a tree. In the upper world it stands high and reaches up into heaven. It is light and beautifully alive. Its branches rustle and sing songs without any meaning or intention attached. Songs of pure sound that somehow express, what it is on the inside.
Then there is the middle part. The trunk. A bundle of millions of pathways  that connect the branches to the roots.

The roots lie in the dark. Therefore we do not see that they form a web that spans for miles and miles connecting all trees into one living organism. Along  that web the roots pass nutrients and water. Here in the dark their power is born.

We are just like that. Deep down in the dark we are connected to everything.

The Dark World

Laozi called this place of creation The Dark Female.
It is a scary place. The place where we lose ourselves to death.
This is, why little children want to leave the light on and why all of us cannot keep still.
We all like to think that we are children of the light.

But we are also children of the dark. This is where our power is born.
If we want to embrace that power we need to grow up.

The Inuit Shaman

Shamans have some hard ways to grow up.
I read a story once about a traditional Inuit shaman who was put on some floating piece of ice to during the endless night of arctic winter. I do not remember for how long, but a lesser man would not have lasted an hour out there I suppose.
Facing death from cold and dark was this man’s test. The ultimate challenge for him to show, that he was a grown man, strong enough to face the spirit world.
When he came back he told his people:
Outside, there is nothing to be afraid of.

This message touched me very deeply. If the things we are afraid of are not outside. Where are they?
What is this place, the dark female, like.

Spirit Songs

Laozi,the Shaman of ancient China has taught, that in the beginning, people where simple and therefore they were powerful.
Have you ever listend to the prayers and spirit songs of tribal people all over the world.

These songs  are simple and truthful. They are also very powerful.
I once sat in a sweat lodge with an old Lakota healer who sang songs for thunder and lightning.

When we crawled out after several hours of ceremony we found that a tornado had wiped out everything around the lodge.
Cars and trailer homes were turned upside down. Houses had lost their roofs. Strong light poles had been broken like straw. The entire place was a mess. But inside the lodge, nothing but a fragile tent made of sticks and blankets, we had not even heart the storm.

Spirit songs are powerful

A native person,someone with a deep connection to the spirit world, will tell you, that these songs are not made-they are received.

They come from the spirit world.

We do not connect to this realm on the outside.

The spirit world is the land of Yin and we find it within ourselves.
When animals and rocks and plants talk to us, they talk in spirit language, in pure sound, and we hear it with the inner ear.
Providing we shut up.

Qi and Evil Qi

You see:
Words are qi.
They are born as vibrations, pure sound,  from the core of our being and are made into meanings by our intention. The middle.
It is our specific human gift to create meaning.
True words are in alignment with who we are.
The Chinese word for being in alignment is zheng.
True words are Zheng Qi.
Like a spirit song such words are powerful.

Words and thoughts that are not received but copy pasted from stuff we have learned do not have the same power.
They can be judgmental words, words of pride, words of guilt and words of self loathing. They can be anything.
They can be medical diagnosis.
All such words are not in alignment with who we are.
They are Xie Qi.

Xie Qi attract all kinds of similar thought forms from the outside world. They cluster and build up like dense clouds.
If we do nothing about these clouds- thunder and lightning will.

Meet the Dragon

In our beginner’s class in Chinese medicine we learn, that there is a dragon fire residing in the kidneys, most say the right kidney (which is where I feel it) or somewhere near the base of our spine. The Indians call it the Kundalini and visualize it as a snake.
For me it is the Dragon.
They say: Dragons dwell in underground caves and every once in a while they rise up to the sky to play with colourful balls.
When the dragon rises freely it brings about ecstasy and delight and an opening of the third eye.
When the sky is obstructed by clouds or strange thought forms the dragon will rise anyway and wreck havoc like a tornado.

For the last 2000 years Chinese Medicine has talked of ministerial fire rather than of dragons. The ministerial fire is our vitality. It has to do with heat and sex and other wild stuff.

The Confucian doctors admonished people to nourish their yin and refrain from sex and sit in meditation to control that fire.
They were terribly afraid of the ministerial fire and with reason.

When the dragon rises through a cloudy sky- when there is lots of Xie Qi- this Xie Qi will get momentum.
We get all kinds of heat, bursting, explosion, irritation, inflammation. Oftentimes this is in the region of the so called smaller yang, the Gallbladder and Triple heater channel. Think migraines. Think tinnitus. Think gallbladder colic. Think apoplexia.

The rising of the dragon shines light on every little Xie Qi it encounters on its way. You get swellings, red and itchy skin eruptions. All kinds of lumps may grow out of proportion. Your arteries may clog or explode. Your heartbeat may run out of control. Your stomach inflames. You may get strange cravings or unbearable pain.
Depending on your thought forms you can get any disease you can imagine.
The dragon rises out of the dark and it can make a murderer out of you or make you leave your partner of twenty years.

The dragon is the thunder and lightning of our inner universe.
It does not care about collateral damage.
It does not care whether we get killed in the process.
In the spirit world death does not exist.

The only thing the dragon wants to do is clear up the atmosphere. To reconnect heaven and earth.
To dance on a clear blue sky and play with colourful balls.

Taming the Dragon

In acupuncture we can tame the dragon to do its thing in a sweeter way and if we feel a little wilder we can undertake to wake a sleeping dragon on purpose.

Here are some ideas:

We have acupuncture points to connect heart and kidney.
We have points to heat up the ministerial fire.
We have points to clear out the Shaoyang channels.
We have points to get rid of toxic heat, damp and phlegm and unclutter the middle.
We have points to get rid of thought forms and other xie qi from outside.
We have points to connect to our ancestors and to the spirit world.
We have points to carry people high up on a mountaintop and points to submerge them into a deep blue ocean.
We have points to walk our clients through every part of their inner universe.

This work can be a bit dramatic. But in the end people get very still and some of them receive their healing song.
They get visions, hope and a new feeling of authenticity.
They start whole new lives.

So now, that we know the dragon I want to remind you of one more thing:
The difference between a healer and a sorcerer is, that the healer controls his thoughts and knows, when to shut up.

The lost Connection to the Cosmic Web

Shamanic acupuncture- The Yin Way

Ancient doctors of China advised their clients to nourish the Essence.
The art of nourishing the Essence has been forgotten or rather: It is looked upon as inefficient because basically nourishing the Essence would mean not to think, not to plan and not to expect anything. Again and again.
Who wants to do that.
To stand still- while everybody around us is running like crazy?

I see nervous people and sleepless people and people who act out or run around all the time. Mostly very successful people.
They tell me, they are completely exhausted, drained, burned out.
Some of them do not see any sense at all in living.
They have lost all hope.
“I wish, I could just go”, is a phrase heard often in my office. ”I tried so hard but nothing seems to work.”
Many feel lonely, disconnected and sometimes utterly lost.
The reason may be the breaking up of a relationship, a divorce, love- sickness, infatuation and all the other heart wrenching moments.
The reason may be a lost dream. A career running into the wrong direction.
Most of the time, they cannot even tell you what happened.

Live has somehow lost its brilliance.

And let us not be fooled by all the smiling faces out there. An ever growing percentage of these radiant smiles is fuelled by Prozac and Co.

Their deficiency is obvious- but the usual tonification approach of TCM will not work.
Neither will the nutritional supplementation of Western naturopathic medicine.

In our times in the rich countries, the deficiencies we live through, are not the same as in ancient China.
Back then, the bodies were nourished less and the winters were colder.
Situations that drained the body.
But then, these people knew how to nourish the spirit.

Today the pulses tell different  stories. In modern day people that are exhausted to the core may present with a perfectly toned and nourished body and with shiny hair.
They may even be fat- in times long gone a sign of well-being.
The middle is fine.
Even the kidney pulses are quite ok most of the time.
Bodies are not so drained after all.
And still, after a while, even the bodies give up functioning and, while still perfectly nourished, create all kinds of ailments, that leave the medical doctors and alternative doctors alike: completely baffled.

Good medicine should always try to answer two questions:
1. Why did this condition occur?
2. What do I need to get well again.

The name of a disease, most important concern of Western medicine, is not very important and can even be misused by clients and helpers alike to perpetuate the condition.

So: What has happened to these people?

The answer is Soul loss. A spiritual condition, that can only be addressed, when we, in Chinese Medicine go back to our shamanic roots and understand, what it is like, to  work with spirit, to connect to deep power, to heaven and earth and the cosmic web  and to understand, that there is no other disease than to lose that connection.

This September, at the International Congress of TCM in Denmark we will talk about how we today can get back to that spiritual connection and even fight some personal demons. We will also learn, that disease can be good news if we understand its message and handle it well.