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Everybody is a mystery, a entirely unique riddle. With every step you get closer to your own solution, you get also closer to happiness and health. It is that simple – and obviously that difficult, too.
If you are looking for healing and do not know what is holding you back
(and if you speak German, English, Italian, Spanish or Chinese) you can see me in Zurich.
Maybe I can walk you through your next steps. My work is physical and spiritual. From a Chinese medical perspective all is Qi, anyway.

I am a doctor and know the body, but I also know that we will need to go beyond.

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I have written a couple of my books.

The path of the empress will be out in English soon.

Here on this blogposts there are some posts in English too. Like this.
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And this is where I am coming from:

I am a medical doctor with additional 5 years of study in China (and yes, I do read and write the Chinese language – how else was I supposed to study real Chinese medicine and not some fast food concoction adapted to the needs of hasty foreigners?).

Ever since I came back from China I dreamed of reconstructing the shamanic origins of Chinese medicine. I perceive shamanism as „the original medicine“ of mankind. In ancient Chinese sources there is a lot to be found on this. Every single text tells us to go back, back to the roots. But where was I supposed to find them?
Like the human being in itself, Chinese shamanism remained a riddle to me. Dark and mysterious. A legacy to be embraced with abandon and devotion.

As I suspected, that the real roots would be hidden somewhere in the human being itself, I studied the human body and mind from every point of view I could think of: traumatology, hypnotherapy, neurophysiology and bodyworks (osteopathy and craniosacral therapy) – you name it. I ate them up and I had my fair share of indigestion, too.
All the time I had intense contact with shamanic healing traditions all over the world. With other healers I exchanged knowledge and healing. We had great times and really really bad times. Talk about intercultural communication!

The teachers who taught me well and who never abandoned me through all these years of struggling and sometimes being a terribly conflicted person, were my trusting clients and the feeble voice of my own soul which I have reluctanctly learned to listen to again.
I am a medical doctor, after all, trained for years in not listening to feeble voices.
Once I really listened to my own souls song, I understood what all the ancient Chinese teachings about going back to the roots had been trying to teach me all along.

Now, many years stronger, thousands of intense healing sessions later, I am deeply convinced that healing and to be healed is our birthright. All the necessary knowledge is embedded in our DNA and can be accessed. Acupuncture is an excellent way to do this. A finely tuned and intricate technology of the soul.
With its help we can change the information in your cells and find your life’s path.

Disease will lose its raison d’etre and melt away. You can than recreate yourself.


This is what I do:

You may tell me your story and I will gently guide you along and I will listen to every word spoken and not spoken.
Being actively listened to can be a powerful experience for your soul. It is healing. I will then feel your pulse, which is another way of listening, not with the ears, but with the fingers. Fingers have been called „the extension of the heart“ in Chinese medicine and therefore, while my fingers palpate your wrist, my heart listens to the song of your soul.

After listening I will (most of the time, but not always) use acupuncture. Acupuncture, as I see it, it not some „reflexology“ but a very complex technology of the soul.

The magnetic lines on our body are in resonance with the magnetic grid of the planet.
In ancient times people knew these things. Acupuncture needles connect us to a time in history when mankind had not forgotten where it came from.
Acupuncture needles also connect us to our own core and help us remember who we are.
In combination with manual techniques and trance techniques acupuncture can help your wandering soul come back and go deep into the body to reach that place inside from were it can reset your cellular information.

No matter how deep you have been traumatized or if you have felt lifeless or even „cursed“ from the day you were born:

You can heal yourself if you choose.

As soon as your soul comes back it will guide you along the way.
For many people this is the first real and deep contact with the transpersonal realm. The dream-time if you will.
I will not use hypnosis to bring you into that state. You will not need it. But I will use my knowledge of hypnotherapy to look after you while you are in it. Or rather: I will go with you and feel what you feel.

While this may sound spooky you will actually be awake and under control all the time. You can go to the bathroom, ask for a blanket or a tissue or make some funny comment about the workings of acupuncture. There is no need to remember anything, no need to wallow in past pain – except if you chose so. The healers among my clients usually chose to do so. But it is a free choice. You will heal either way.
Your hurt and frightened parts do not need to hurt again. They just need to be acknowledged.

Many ailments, even major ones, be they of the soul or of the body, can be cured that way. And sometimes in one sitting.

This does not mean it will be happily ever after.
You may need Chinese herbal medicine, changes of your diet or your way of life to manifest the change you have initiated. This is the recreating and renuturing part of the journey and it may take some time. But you will not feel so deserted and lonely on your way.
Bringing your soul back into the body and healing the information in your cells is the first and most important step. It is not the journey.

About healing:

The ancient Chinese philosopher Cheng Yi once said that medicine (and pulse diagnosis) was an expression of interrelatedness (ren).
Healing is communication – between you and me, between you and your cells, between you and your soul.

Healing needs time and compassion. And experience. This is what I provide.

If you are interested in finding out more about this, you will find a wealth of information on this blog. Some of my posts are in English.
You are also welcome to enquire about my work and what I can do for you through my contact form.

If you are interested in trying out my services: Scroll back up and book a sitting.
Otherwise be blessed untill we meet again.
From the heart,
Christine Li

Ihre Christine Li

Ihre Christine Li

PS: I am also delighted to announce that a new English version of the bestselling book „The path of the Empress“ will be available in May 2015 from Rockpool publishing.

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