The Magic of Healing, the Soul and the Qi in Chinese Medicine

Talks and Workshops by Christine Li in 2014:

I do not know about you.
But as a little girl I always wanted to be a witch: A wonderfully magical woman who could fly into wonderfully magical places and generally make all dreams come true. Of course healing diseases would have been a tiny part of this.
Some years later I had been made to understand  that  this dream could never come true.

As I understood by then, even the tiny part about healing diseases was something way out of my league. Healing was for people, who had their third eye wide open, who could see auras and read palms and emit magical rays from their hands. People who were born into a long legacy of healers, raised by shamans, educated by Tibetan monks or, at least, lived in California where everybody seems to be channeling extraterrestrial beings with funny names on a daily basis.

I was none of these people.

But funnily enough I could never quite let go. Somewhere deep inside of me the dream stayed alive and over the years I learned that childhood dreams can be more powerful than I had been made to believe.

Have you ever seen somebody getting well again right in front of your eyes?
Of course you have.
It happens in the blink of an eye.
A child falling on their knees, crying miserably and two seconds later laughing again because somebody shoved an ice cream cone into their tiny hands.
A panicky lady finding her lost purse.
Somebody receiving a phone call by somebody they thought they would never hear of again.

It is the same with healing. You do not need any special gift for healing. You know it is possible. You put your intention on it. And then you let go (which is what they call wu wei).

Healing happens, whenever we get our lost soulparts back or learn some other lesson, that needs to be learned. The soul will do this without further ado once it is ready.

It is that easy and sometimes it may even happen in the blink of an eye and all you need is an acupuncture needle or two. Or a piece of moxa. Or maybe just your intention and nothing else.

We heal. And than we move onto the next level and start all over. Healing never stops.

This being said and understood, in 2014 I  will give some talks about the magic of healing. Healing as something that is always possible and readily accessible even for those of us who are, like myself, not particularly gifted but particularly obsessed with helping people and, therefore, the power of love.

What to expect:

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Über Christine

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