the path of the empress- first English edition- for you and the women you love the most

The time is now.
The „path of the empress“ will soon be available for all of your electronic devices.
But for some of us, there is nothing quite so „empressive“ as a beautifully crafted book.
So we made one.
Most of these have been preordered or will be given away to empresses all over the world who have repeatedly been asking for this to give to their English speaking best girlfriends or beloved relatives.

You see, over the years many women have found, that there is nothing that says „I care for you“ quite as clearly as a gift of The Empress.
The „Path of the Empress“is a book to be passed on.This precious first edition, however, might also be a book to hold on to.
If someday you want to be one of the few to own this beautiful book, do not hesitate and order here:

The Path of the Empress
ISBN 978-3-943349-01-6

after the original bestselling book „Der Weg der Kaiserin“,
by Christine Li and Ulja Krautwald. Translation by Mary Adams.
Hardcover, 220 pages.

Over a thousand years ago the concubine Wu Zhao set out on the fairy-tale journey to become China’s most powerful woman. Her intelligence and erotic aura, combined with the strategies of Chinese art of war, paved the way for her to become Empress. She was the only woman who ever officially ruled ancient China. Her faithful adviser was the wise shaman and doctor, Sun Simiao, guardian of the age- old secrets of feminine wisdom and power.

Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht in Medizin von Christine. Permanenter Link des Eintrags.

Über Christine

Autorin, Sinologin und einstmals auch Ärztin für chinesische Medizin. Schreibt: Romane über chinesische Alchimisten, Initiaten, Heilerinnen, Piratinnen, Tiger und andere kindliche Seelen. Liebt: Trance und Träume. Das alte China. Alchemie, Magie und goldene Nadeln. Seelenwanderungen, Drachen, Transformationen, giftige Pflanzen und ihre flauschigen Katzen. Sucht: Gnosis. Bisherige Bücher: "Der Weg der Kaiserin", "Der Tanz des Schamanen", "Chinesische Medizin für den Alltag".