The lost Connection to the Cosmic Web

Shamanic acupuncture- The Yin Way

Ancient doctors of China advised their clients to nourish the Essence.
The art of nourishing the Essence has been forgotten or rather: It is looked upon as inefficient because basically nourishing the Essence would mean not to think, not to plan and not to expect anything. Again and again.
Who wants to do that.
To stand still- while everybody around us is running like crazy?

I see nervous people and sleepless people and people who act out or run around all the time. Mostly very successful people.
They tell me, they are completely exhausted, drained, burned out.
Some of them do not see any sense at all in living.
They have lost all hope.
“I wish, I could just go”, is a phrase heard often in my office. ”I tried so hard but nothing seems to work.”
Many feel lonely, disconnected and sometimes utterly lost.
The reason may be the breaking up of a relationship, a divorce, love- sickness, infatuation and all the other heart wrenching moments.
The reason may be a lost dream. A career running into the wrong direction.
Most of the time, they cannot even tell you what happened.

Live has somehow lost its brilliance.

And let us not be fooled by all the smiling faces out there. An ever growing percentage of these radiant smiles is fuelled by Prozac and Co.

Their deficiency is obvious- but the usual tonification approach of TCM will not work.
Neither will the nutritional supplementation of Western naturopathic medicine.

In our times in the rich countries, the deficiencies we live through, are not the same as in ancient China.
Back then, the bodies were nourished less and the winters were colder.
Situations that drained the body.
But then, these people knew how to nourish the spirit.

Today the pulses tell different  stories. In modern day people that are exhausted to the core may present with a perfectly toned and nourished body and with shiny hair.
They may even be fat- in times long gone a sign of well-being.
The middle is fine.
Even the kidney pulses are quite ok most of the time.
Bodies are not so drained after all.
And still, after a while, even the bodies give up functioning and, while still perfectly nourished, create all kinds of ailments, that leave the medical doctors and alternative doctors alike: completely baffled.

Good medicine should always try to answer two questions:
1. Why did this condition occur?
2. What do I need to get well again.

The name of a disease, most important concern of Western medicine, is not very important and can even be misused by clients and helpers alike to perpetuate the condition.

So: What has happened to these people?

The answer is Soul loss. A spiritual condition, that can only be addressed, when we, in Chinese Medicine go back to our shamanic roots and understand, what it is like, to  work with spirit, to connect to deep power, to heaven and earth and the cosmic web  and to understand, that there is no other disease than to lose that connection.

This September, at the International Congress of TCM in Denmark we will talk about how we today can get back to that spiritual connection and even fight some personal demons. We will also learn, that disease can be good news if we understand its message and handle it well.

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