Get your Soul back with Acupuncture


So you think you have all your wandering souls together? Think twice.

You might very well be all over the place (= universe).
Lonelyness, burnout, compassion fatigue, over eating, over working, under sleeping, general boredom, or that nagging voice inside your head that insists that something is off – all these nasty entities may be signs that you are missing a couple of those lovely dreamers: The wandering souls or Hun as we call them in Chinese Medicine.
Get your souls back and the nastyness will leave.
I promise.

Here is a new short video light your way home – soul retrieval with acupuncture, to help you with that. In this videos I explain the general concept of Soul loss and how it relates to Chinese medicine.

There will be two more videos with practical instructions to inspire you to use our wonderful ancient tradition of acupuncture in a soulful and soul retrieving way.

The second video is online, too: Floating back home – Soul retrieval with acupuncture, part 2

soul retrieval with acupuncture

floating back home



The  last video „Flying back home – Soul retrieval with acupuncture, part 3“ is also ready to go online, but ….
… the power around my village is down today and I am sitting in a little cafe to write this post. The universe’s way of telling me to slow down. An information I am always open to.

After watching the three little clips you will know how to call your wandering Hun souls back and, if you apply that wisdom, you will find new delight in everything that is.
I promise.

(No commercials. No money back guarantee. This is public domain and always has been.)

Why do I put out free stuff? Gratitude. That’s why.

The idea to produce these videos came up when we did the interview for the Chinese Medicine online summit on spirituality, shamanism and self cultivation in Chinese medicine. My friend Marian who created this amazing event has a way of probing so deep with her questions that everybody comes up with so much more than they even knew they had inside of them.
We all have.
All we need is the right inspiration. A good friend maybe. Some sunshine. Or the right piece of music.

After our two hour interview I immediately went back to writing my book (which is nearly finished now) and producing these videos and building my new website. All in a handful of days. Me! The queen of lazyness.
As a thank you to Marian I also created a little hypnotape to guide you through the whole process of soul retrieval with acupuncture. If you don’t want to do this all by yourself  – (being alone sucks at times) – now you don’t have to!
You get the tape if you sign up for the Chinese Medicine online summit.
For free. Of course.
Did I mention that the summit was for free, too?
But only this weekend while it’s live.
So hurry. For once.

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