Christine Li 2017

A Quest for Healing Knowledge

Christine Li MD has always been on a quest to find the secrets of healing and happiness. She studied sinology, anthropology and medicine and also spend five years studying Chinese medicine in Shanghai and Peking. Christine has written several books on Chinese medicine and self-healing, including the bestselling „The Path of The Empress“, a classic on feminine wisdom and power and how to access it through the female body.

Christine has worked for over 20 years in her own practice of Chinese Medicine in Hamburg and through these years she has done a lot of soul work and soul searching. She travelled the world and worked with all kinds of healers, curanderos, Babalawos and shamans. She also spent many nights on windy mountains and in dark forests.

as a family doctor in Tibet

Christine Li as a family doctor in Tibet










Return of the Cunning Woman

In the end she has come full circle. Back to the ways of our own ancestors. Through their eyes she has found a new take on ancient Chinese knowledge. The original techniques and history of our  „Cunning Women“ and the shamans of ancient Europe may be lost. But Chinese medicine is alive. Through the ages Chinese herbal medicine has become ever more sophisticated but Acupuncture is still well rooted in our universal shamanic origins. And acupuncture is an incredibly intricate tool to navigate the „otherworld“ inside our own body. Therefore we may use it to eventually bring our own medical origins back to life. Wouldn’t that be great?
There is only one source and this is where we find healing.

two cunning women

two cunning women







2017: Healer and Writer

Over the last couple of years Christine has been thinking about a textbook on healing and how to do soul retrievals, extractions, how to connect with our ancestors and how to heal trauma and epigenetic trauma using ancient Chinese knowledge.

(BTW: A drumming tape and other core-shamanic gadgets will not be enough to bring your soul back. And neither will the law of attraction do the job. Daydreaming is not shamanic work.)

In November 2016 she closed her practice in Hamburg to become a fulltime writer. This not not quite work out, because her patients have a way of finding her and then there is the gardening …





See you in the sun!




Christine Li talks about all of this with her friend Marian Nielsen Joos at the International online Summit on Chinese Medicine 2017.

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