Possession-a little Help from Your Friends

Wild spirits are out to get you. Really?

Many people are paranoid about spirit possession. Exorcism and Extraction are quite the rage in some new age communities.

Spirits are Qi. Excactly like ourselves. We interact with Qi all the time. It is outside of us, inside and all around. The limits of inside and outside are not marked by our skin but by what we are able to perceive. In this we are not limited by our skins.

Take bacteria. As we all know, after a century of fighting them in vain, we cannot protect ourselves from bacteria. Our body is full of them. We live in symbiosis with them and without them we would not even be alive.

The same goes for all kinds of Qi forms. Spirits are part of the cosmic body and so are we. They float in and out and all around of us. We are one with spirit. A process without limits.

Yet spirits can make us ill.

It works like this: Whenever we live in deficiency, in denial of a deep need, an intruder who carries this exact energy we are desperately trying to deny, will be attracted to the void we have thus created. It is our own resistance that gives it power. The more we fight, the stronger it gets.
The next thing we notice will be something new and foreign to our being. Disturbing thoughts. Strange urges. We form a wall around it. Try to avoid the feeling. We want to give it a name and only then it becomes an entity. A spirit possession is born each time we insist on its otherness.

Let’s say, someone lives in a relationship that is nice enough but over the years has become stale and without sexual spark. We tell ourselves, that the person we are with, is a good match, a good provider, a loyal friend, and so we fight the living spark, our internal fire. The dragon. We tell ourselves, that it is not worth it to break up a good solid thing (or invest time in adventure, precious time we had better invested in our career) for something so fleeting and, well, impure, as sex (or some wild dream). A part of us, the most vital part, shuts down.
Then, one fine day, we feel a sharp pain in the back. In the heart. It may be diagnosed as intercostal neuralgia.
But a smug name does not make the pain go away. It is here to stay.
No matter how many massages and acupuncture or stretching we try. It just sits there and aches. Piercingly. Some people feel the pain so intensely that they have trouble breathing.
Especially at night.

The old Greek called this the Arrow of Eros. Little old Eros, more often than not pictured as a chubby child. Not exactly known as a bad spirit. But it is the son of Aphrodite and Ares, after all. The son of Love and Hate. A trickster. Happily malicious and completely out of control. A real anarchist.

Not long after the arrow hit her or him, our person starts a passionate love affair or embarks on some other journey. The old relationship breaks up; the career is abandoned. Life needs to start all over from scratch. And it will.

A stubborn person may resist the urge to be born again and instead become short tempered, gloomy, depressed. The body aches. The heart may miss its beats and the blood pressure may go up.
The dragon rises with all the symptoms of fire:

  • hot flushes (so called „menopausal syndrome“)
  • red itchy excemas
  • restlessness and restless legs
  • piercing migraines
  • high cholesterol
  • gall bladder issues
  • heart disease and high blood pressure
  • ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

There are many pills to try and bring the fire down. Typically pills with names that start with “Anti”. A huge industry lives of these Anti-life-pills.

But there is no way to resist the trickster. It insists on change. It wants everybody to express their potency, their fire. If they do not, if they continue their anti-life regimen- they will become really ill and eventually die.

Eros in his wildest form has many names. In Brazil they call these entities the Pomba Giras. Pomba Giras are the female crossroad demons. Wild, shameless beings, visualized as sexy flamenco dancers, dressed in red flowing robes who like to drink alcohol and smoke big cigars.
The Pomba Giras want to party and once they get you, so will you.

In Brazil the Pomba Giras are feared and hated and treated with the utmost respect. They are ritually invoked by the love sick to possess someone they want to be in love with. Love magic that involves the Pomba Giras is powerful. These crossroad demons do not ask for lots of knowledge to be summoned. Before you know it, they will be all over that poor person you desire so much.

The Pomba Giras are exspecially delighted whenever they can stir up a fire that has long been smoldering under the ashes of self control and cowardly morals. Countless stories tell about good husbands, priests who live in celibacy and other people who have bravely resisted their sexual nature to suddenly find themselves under the power of the Pombas, possessed by urges they can no longer resist.

There is no malignancy involved in the doings of the Pombas. Like the common cold that gets to you so you can rid your brain of phlegm, the Pombas come to stir up the ashes when the fire has gone down.
They may be crass, but like all the other spirits they come as your spirit helpers.

Can you protect yourself against spirits? Preferably not.
Any anti-life-policy will bring nothing but death.

The only thing is to embrace your nature and live according to your inner law. There is no other.
If you do not resist your own nature you will not need help from a trickster, be it a Pomba or any other of the countless beings that are part of the cosmic body, to bring out your funky side.

The spiritual beings we used to be so afraid of, are here to help.
They may destroy your body in the process. Yet, this does not make them „evil“.
In the world of the spirits it is not considered death when a being leaves the body. The only death they know is resistance to transformation and they will not accept this. Ever.

There is one thing we can do: Thoughts are the only instance where we define yourselves. So we ask: Do we own your thoughts or are we possessed by them?
We want to be careful about limiting thoughts.
Thought-possessions are the only intrusions to be afraid of.
Thought-possessions are the limiting beliefs that keep us in our personal cage. They make us resist life and whenever we deny our own wild nature, wild spirits are there to help us out.

When they do, we may want to call it a disease. But this is just another limiting thought.